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Welcome to KTT & Associates

We're creative problem solvers, with the ability to drive revenue growth, resolve conflict, improve morale and consistently meet goals.

As a professional fundraiser, the principal, Ms. Thering-Tuschen, has personally raised millions of dollars for cultural, historic and educational missions. Combining her knowledge of marketing and public relations with fundraising, she has built a business in Madison, Wisconsin to serve her clients at many different levels.

Her fresh approach, honesty, and tireless energy will allow you to be a more effective leader and become a part of the solution within the organization you serve.

Whether the client we serve is a corporation, a small business, an association, or non-profit, the principles are the same. Achieving success takes perseverance and professionalism. Together we can get that done!

KTT & Associates will help to create results above the ordinary. Whether it's in fundraising, marketing or public relations, there is nothing more rewarding than realizing a goal.

We look forward to hearing from you.